Japanese sailor, from an article on modern stress in “Sun” magazine, 1967

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Have a Nice Life Interview


Have a Nice Life

Tim Macuga & Dan Barrett

With a unique know-how in crafting meticulously arranged musical composition Have a Nice Life’s sophomore release ‘The Unnatural World’ has lead many observers to call it an early front-runner for the album of the year. We talk to the geniuses behind Have a Nice Life; Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga about the album’s expression, a sense of belonging and the live experience…

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How To Destroy Angels

Track name: How To Destroy Angels

Artist: Coil

Album: How To Destroy Angels

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Coil - How to Destroy Angels

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i always have to chuckle at this

This might be the most fucking 90s thing I’ve ever seen

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Musick To Play In The Dark Volume 2

Track name: An Emergency

Artist: Coil

Album: Musick To Play In The Dark Volume 2


Just outside the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. February, 2014. More of Beijing coming soon.

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